Odd Batting Records
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Career Pinch Hitting Records
Doubles - 27 - Smoky Burgess (1949-67)
RBI's - 142 - Smoky Burgess (1949-67)

First player to get 120 Pinch Hits - Smoky Burgess, 1966
First player to get 130 Pinch Hits - Smoky Burgess, 1966
First player to get 140 Pinch Hits - Smoky Burgess, 1967

Multiple Pinch Hit Grand Slams - Ed Bailey, 1962 & 1963

Highest Season OPS (On Base Percentage plus Slugging Average)
Mike Piazza (1997 LA-N) with 1.070

Lowest Season OPS (On Base Percentage plus Slugging Average)
Billy Sullivan Sr. (1908 CHI-A) with .418

Bases-Loaded Stats for Catchers with Most Grand Slams
Mike Piazza AB 159, H 59, HR(GS) 14, BB 10, RBI 166, BA .371

Single-Game RBI Team Records Held By Catchers
Kansas City Royals - Jerry Grote 7 vs. Seattle Mariners June 3, 1981
Texas Rangers - Ivan Rodriguez 9 vs. Seattle Mariners April 13, 1999
Cincinnati Reds - Walker Cooper 10 vs. Chicago Cubs July 6, 1949
Milwaukee Brewers (NL) - Damian Miller 7 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates July 2, 2007

Rookie Catchers With 100+ RBI
1993 Mike Piazza, (LAN) with 112 RBI's

Catchers With Six Hits In One 9-Inning Game
May 9, 1937 Ernie Lombardi (CIN-N)
July 6, 1949 Walker Cooper (CIN-N)

Catchers With Four Doubles In One 9-Inning Game
May 8, 1935 Ernie Lombardi (CIN-N)
July 25, 1936 Frankie Hayes (PHA-A)
June 6, 1997 Sandy Alomar Jr. (CLE-A)

Catchers Leading Their League in Triples
1966 Tim McCarver (STL-N) led the N.L. with 13
1972 Carlton Fisk (BOS-A) led the A.L. with 9

Catchers With Consecutive Games With A Triple
3 - Jim Hegan (CLE) July 14-17 1946
3 - Gabby Hartnett (CHN) July 17-19 1930

A Hit In His Only Career At-Bat
Ralph Onis (Brooklyn Dodgers) in 1935 had exactly one at-bat and that was a single. His career Batting Average remains 1.000 because he was sidelined with a dislocated jaw and never played in the Majors again.

A Hit On The Fastest Pitch
On 10/10/2010 in the 3rd and last game of the Phillies/Reds 2010
Division Series, Carlos Ruiz hit a double on a 103.5 mph pitch by the
Reds' Aroldis Chapman. According to Pitch f/x data, which goes back
continuously to 2008, it's the fastest pitch that a batter has gotten a hit on.